How to Choose A Baby Shower Invitation

Have You Red The News?

Red baby shower invitations offer a lot of different opportunities to host the baby shower the way that you want it to be. They also give you a wonderful option when it comes to making it a coed shower. These types of parties have become more and more popular in the recent times and they give you the perfect option to get the friends together and shower the expectant parents with love.

If you want to host a couples shower you can choose from a number of designs that give you everything that you need for the baby shower.

Couples Shower

When you decide to host a party that offers fun for both men and women, it is probably a different kind of affair than the classic girls-only baby shower. In fact there are a lot of shower types that are ideal for this form of celebration. One that is certain to please them is definitely the nautical baby shower. As with any party, be sure you keep your guests in mind when you choose items for the celebration. This includes everything from invitations to food and now to forget, the activities. Here are some simple guidelines which can help you plan a successful coed shower party:

  1. Make sure other men will be there, if it really is a coed baby shower it is important that more than the expectant father is present.
  2. Make the invitations guy-friendly, nautical designs work well here, but you can also make it a sports themed shower. That means that you should go easy on the pink when you’re choosing a card.
  3. Ensure that you have included the couple’s registry details on the invitation.
  4. Games? Choose a broad mix that gives everybody from dad-to-be and his friends to the girls a chance at a good time. Pick games that everyone will enjoy.
  5. When the time comes to start opening gifts, ensure that the loving couple opens them together. You can also have them takes turns.
  6. And don’t forget to bring on the food!

Nautical Couples Shower

So what is the big deal with all of these coed showers? Couples can celebrate together right? Why do they need to celebrate the baby shower together?

Because things are just better in twos, and a couples baby shower, regardless of the theme is a great chance to catchup with friends.

Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

Choosing A Theme

When you think red doesn’t work for a nautical baby shower invitation think again. There are plenty of absolutely adorable nautical themed shower invites which give you the right look. All you need to do is know how to choose the right invite.

If you are uncertain how to pick an invitation for your baby shower you can learn how in just a few steps.

Similar to the perfect theme, choosing to order the right invitations for the shower can feel like they are going to give you a panic attack. First impressions are everything, and baby shower invitations set the tone and theme for the whole party – not to mention the fact that they will end up in a lot of scrapbooks.

Even with all of this to consider there are ways to make everybody happy. All we need to do is put this all together. It’s easy, so let’s see what we can do to get the perfect invite while learning how it will play a pivotal role in a day filled with joy. Because it is also important to remember, this is supposed to be fun!

So take a deep breath and consider the following and let your baby shower details guide you through the process.

Many hostesses struggle with creating the perfect theme for the shower, this is especially true when they try to make everybody happy. In my experience, hostesses start with a theme in mind, but it quickly goes out the window once they see invitation samples they love.

This is fine and it is also completely normal.

When you start it is good to keep an open mind about invitations, especially if you have not locked-in the theme or color scheme.

Sometimes, actually view product samples is the difference between holding an invitation and order an invitation. My best advice when it comes to planning a baby shower is to stick with a standard color scheme, rather than designing one of your own. Narrow designs that fit within this theme, you’ll be amazed how easily you can eliminate choices before you’ve even considered them.

Choosing a Design

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

When you find a design for the invitation that you love another hostess may adore a different design completely. For example, a more outgoing mother-to-be could feel that a simple red pocket fold design with a satin ribbon and possibly a few rhinestone embellishments is just the ticket while her sister might just as easily prefer a glossy invitation with finer details.

Both of these option reflect the modern invitations and the different styles that they come in. On the other hand, if you are looking for a traditional invite, and you will be hosting a celebration for somebody that can appreciate a classic invitation, you can hardly go wrong with a beautiful textured cotton card stock with black, gold or silver letters that appear simple and elegant. Maybe you would even enjoy finishing it off with a little ribbon. If you are looking for options with ribbons you will find plenty of boldly colored ribbons under the invitations for girls. These aspects can make invitations appear sweet and innocent which might be the look that you are after.

I will recommend that you stay away from invites that include photos, while this can be appealing for the couple, it can also produce stress for mom if she is unhappy about her appearance during the pregnancy.

If you decide to use photographs of the couple, you can make sure that they have a nice backdrop or a landscape which will help fill out the scene. This can also be useful for setting a tone that is more appropriate. Make it a setting that the couples loves and you can’t go wrong.

Get Creative

So, are you planning a baby shower? There is no need to stick with the conventional blue or pink themes. Four the chic Mom in your life with a few unique baby shower ideas that are sure to please her and your guests!

Go co-ed or couples baby shower. The best way to ensure that your event is a fun and unique is to come up with a theme that will encompass the party. A co-ed baby shower is a great way to mix things up a bit. No matter your budget, here are some ideas to help you plan a festive event!

Typically fathers get ignored when it comes to the festivities before the baby, but with a co-ed shower you can celebrate both the new Mommy and Daddy to be. It is a snap to make this theme work. It also helps you avoid any over-cutesy themes and rather focus on something a little more gender neutral.

If you want to make it a gendered shower there are plenty of couples showers to do that with. You might want to consider doing sports theme shower. If the weather is suitable you could even hold it at a local park with competitive games like a bottle race where participants suck on a bottle of juice or some other liquid, the winner is the person to empty it first.

You can also find an obstacle course of sorts with various activities such as the change of a doll’s diaper, the bottle race, and carries an egg in a spoon over a field.

Baby shower decorations may include baby photos of your guests hung on string and give your guests a few edible baby shower favors such as personalized cookies or Brownie favor cake pops.

Your theme may also relate to the baby shower gifts. For example, if it is the mother’s second pregnancy, you might consider doing a “decorate the nursery” theme baby shower. Guests can then bring several nursery items to decorate. For this type of shower, be sure to create a gift registry to avoid duplicates. The decorations may include cut outs of cribs and building blocks, paper mobiles, and some animals stopped. Make your event in an old-fashioned tea party and set out your best china. Make a few pots of tea and scones and tea sandwiches served. And then hand out some mini tea sets as favors.

Another original idea is to your shower with a holiday party combine. These sorts of parties lend themselves well to be made into coed affairs.

For example, if the baby shower takes place around Halloween, ask your guests to come in costume and they decorate pumpkin to look like a baby and they can even take them home. A Christmas shower might involve their own ornaments to make or bake Gingerbread Man cookies decorated to look like the baby. The team or the individual with the most creative baby wins a prize.

Just remember, the point is to have fun if you plan with that goal in mind and you arrange it around the Mommy-to-be’s style, planning the shower will be easy.

Ahoy Baby Shower Invitation, Sailor, Nautical Card

Ahoy! ahead! Invite your guests with this cute sailor-themed invitation.

Ahoy It's A Boy! Nautical Boat Baby Shower Invites

Ahoy It&#;s A Boy! Nautical Boat Invites.

Ahoy It's A Boy! Nautical Boat Baby Shower Invites

Ahoy It&#;s A Boy! Nautical Boat Invites.

Navy and Red Nautical Baby Shower Invitation

Navy and Red Nautical Invitation

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Navy Blue and Red Rustic Nautical Invitation

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Cute,nautical, sailboat theme invitation on navy blue and white stripes pattern. Features dark and light blue, tan, scarlet red sailboat sailing on wavy ocean water, and blue boat anchor. Colors include scarlet red, royal blue, white and sky blue. Neutral vintage bracket shaped invite; great for spring & summer baby showers.

Ahoy It's A Boy! Nautical Boat Baby Shower Invites

Ahoy It&#;s A Boy! Nautical Boat Invites. MATCHING ITEMS

Ahoy It's A Boy! Nautical Boat Baby Shower Invites

Ahoy It&#;s A Boy! Nautical Boat Invites. MATCHING ITEMS

Nautical Sailboat Baby Boy Baby Shower Invitation

Nautical Sailboat Baby Boy Invitation

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